Sunday May 31, 2020

Vision Statement

The vision of the DACF is to be "an institution of choice for the administration and transfer of funds to MMDAS to reduce poverty in their respective areas of jurisdiction"

Mission Statement

The Office of the Administrator of the District Assemblies Common Fund exists to essentially administer and disburse funds effectively and efficiently through the use of information technology to Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies

Functions of DACF

The Functions of the DACF includes the following:

  1. To propose a formula annually for the distribution of the Common Fund for approval by Parliament.
  2. To administer and distribute monies paid into the Common Fund among the District Assemblies in accordance with the Formula approved by Parliament.
  3. To report in writing to the Minister on how allocations made from the Common Fund to the District Assemblies have been utilized by the District Assemblies; and
  4. To perform any other functions that may be directed by the President.