Sunday May 31, 2020

Important Stakeholders in the DACF Process

There are a number of important stakeholders, with particular responsibilities, in enabling the operations of the DACF:

1. Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs)

2. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Local Government and Rural Development consult each other and publish guidelines for the preparation of development budgets of Districts Assemblies.

3. The Bank of Ghana acts as a banker to DACF and transfers funds to the accounts of MMDAs after it has received instructions from the DACF Administrator.

4. Members of parliament by law play an important role by approving the DACF annual distribution formula to pave way for the transfer of funds to MMDAs and all beneficiary institutions.

5. Regional Co-ordinating Councils help to monitor and evaluate the utilization of DACF.

6. District Assemblies are required to prepare supplementary Development Budgets to cover funds allocated.

7. District Assemblies also submit report on the use of Funds.

8. The Assemblies also to institute programmes to promote community development improve housing schemes and manage disasters.

9. District Assemblies are to monitor projects and ensure that loans are not given to individuals.