Friday July 10, 2020

How the Fund is Distributed

Part of the Fund is disbursed directly to District Assemblies in accordance with the approved Formula. This is referred to as ‘direct transfers.’’ The MMDAs use the funds for projects and programmes determined by their respective Assemblies. In 2013 and 2014, about 50 percent of the total amount for the Common Fund was allocated for ‘direct transfer’’ to the Assemblies.

Some of the money from the Fund is also used directed to support a number of important social intervention projects which take place in the Districts but are national in scope. Disbursement for such programmes is referred to as ‘’indirect transfers’’. Some of the national programmes supported by ‘indirect transfers’’ are the School Feeding Programmed, National Borehole Programme, GYEEDA, Sanitation Module and Sanitation/Waste Management. Also about four percent of the Fund is shared to Members of Parliament for constituency project, one and half percent is shared among the 10 Regional Co-ordinating Councils for supervision of the Assemblies in their respective Regions while two percent is reserved to meet contingency expenditures.